Timeless Designs

In today’s blog we wanted to chat timeless designs and how to incorporate timeless items into your home decor.
Starting off with the console table, consoles are timeless and they are always present in luxurious living rooms or even in hallways. Even more popular nowadays is the bold design and the luxurious console has become statement in any room. One empty space with a console can quickly become one source of beauty in your design. A stand out console table that features on the Macinteriors website is The Pois which plays a game of empty spaces and metal returns. It creates the most interesting light effects designed to emphasise its porcelain top.


Big suspensions can be a lovely focal point to a room. Every luxurious place, be it a living room, or a dining room, even a bedroom needs a properly designed lighting fixture to function as the masterpiece of the design project. Some of our favorite designs from Macinteriors are the Tonin and Casa dreamy pendant light, it is a hanging lamp with a chromed metal structure that surrounds a fusion glass light-diffuser, so that light can spread softly and warmly through your rooms. Another favorite is the Castro Mondrain suspension light which is also featured on Macinteriors. This unique bespoke lighting piece combines two different finishes – brushed and hammered – applied by hand in the gold plated brass ornamented with the unique Swarovski Crystals. The light strives to convey balance through squared shapes that lead to a gentle light diffusion, granting to the surrounding space the all-time perfect inviting ambience.


In a luxurious living room, the sofa tends to grab all the attention, and it definitely has its purpose. It isn’t a trend to get a sofa or multiple ones in your living room, but combining 2 center table is a timeless trend that throughout the years have always come back. Stand out sofa’s for us would be the Dall Agnese Domino sofa featured on Macinteriors. The Domino 3 seater sofa is made up of chaise longues and modular elements, in different shapes and sizes, that make it fit perfectly any area. The Faith sofa by Jetclass is the expression of perfect aesthetics, providing you with the best quality seating solution. Through its unique existence and shape this sofa determines its own history. Handsomely crafted from metal, it combines an avant-garde approach with classic and emblematic lines.