Modern Interiors

We wanted to highlight some lovely modern pieces that we love. There’s something so beautifully timeless about a traditional aesthetic but there’s no rulebook when it comes to modern interior design and that’s what makes it so inspiring. A modern interior design approach creates the optimum conditions for artistic licence and self-expression, providing room for experimentation and a canvas for playing with white space, sleek materials and clean lines.

The modernism movement began to unfold as it moved away from using traditional building and design materials like wood, stone and brick and instead began to focus on industrial materials including glass, steel and concrete.

We have highlighted below some key furniture pieces that truly represent modern interior.

The Versus table has beautiful clean lines. The tabletop can be selected in a variety of lacquered wood, glossy glass, anti-scratch glass and marble ceramic finishes and is supported by a metal frame with solid wood legs that are stained in a choice of finishes. Bontempi Casa is the designer and is a world-renowned designer Italian brand. Elegant clean lines and timeless pieces are the signatures of this high-end contemporary design house.

The Pod Footstool is a carefully shaped pouf that is designed to be a decorative element in most homes - a pouf that can be used as an extra seat, a place to rest your tired feet and a container for all that extra stuff you have to get rid of in a hurry. The top is upholstered with comfortable, flexible polyurethane foam and selected fabrics. Legs, conic, solid wood, ash and black. The shape of this piece is contemporary and chic and would fit well with modern interiors, especially the minimalistic look. The company behind creating this piece is Softline and all their modern upholstered furniture is still made in Denmark at their own factory.

Lamps from the Ruu series are unique models with a unique shape. Each dent is made by hand by pressure. The listed colours emphasise this unique form. This model makes it possible to create unique lamp configurations. The beautifully simplistic lighting products are made entirely by hand in Poland.

Modern interior design is shaped by a heritage of clean lines, geometric form, clear spaces, function and storage. There is simplicity in modern interior design that has given it everlasting relevance. Modern homes have clean lines and are without fuss, yet they can be comfortable and cosy. A modernist aesthetic is not limited to a specific style since mid-century modern furniture is coveted in many homes with different style narratives.

All the above pieces are featured on our website, if you would like advice on modern furniture pieces or are interested in items we have featured in this blog post please don’t hesitate to get in contact!