Lighting Inspiration

Statement lighting is an easy way to display the personality of your home. Upgrading your lighting alone will refresh your surroundings and can even lower energy costs when chosen wisely. Lighting can affect your mood and even the overall perceived size of a space, which is why it is an essential element to any design scheme.  Proper lighting can drastically alter the atmosphere of your room, it can enhance the colours used in your décor, and it can even prove useful in marking different areas of your home.  
We offer a wide selection of lights from ceiling pendants, table lamps, wall lights and floor lamps. One of our favorite pieces is the Tonin and Casa Dreamy Light, it's soft and delicate, just like a delicately composed dream-catcher. Dreamy is a hanging lamp, with a chromed metal structure that surrounds a fusion glass light-diffuser, so that light can spread softly and warmly through your rooms.


Another stand out piece is the Castro Lighting Riviera Wall Lamp which is composed of a rectangular shaped gold-plated brass plate - hammered by hand with modern handcraft technics – placed in the centre of a semi-circle that allows a warm light to spread through the slight space in between this wall light design.



Take a browse through our lighting section, lighting can be a real focal point in a room so ensuring we have the perfect lights is a must.